Sculpture by Adrian Mauriks



Painted epoxy resin and stainless steel

1250 x 1850 x 450 cm

The Sculpture of Adrian Mauriks

Intimacy and scale are part of my personal brief.

The work, for me, has a sensual, almost erotic feel about it.

Content components - The poetry of Dante, the sculpture of Bernini, the celebration of the spiritual as a description of the physical state of "being there", the Buddhist frame of reference re - the affirmation of the tantric partnerships and the subliminal quest for enlightenment, throw in a pinch of Bosch, in particular his Garden of Earthly Delights and a large spoonful of soul.

Bits of some or all of the above, directly or indirectly, reside in the work.

I am optimistic enough to believe the arts flurry of today and all that is associated with it, to some degree at least, balances out the fear factor and aggression of recent times.

To quote Freeman Dyson the Princeton astrophysicist who came up with the following insightful phrase, "It is my contention that mind and intelligence are woven into fabric of our universe in a way that altogether surpasses our comprehension."

Adrian Mauriks