Sculpture by Adrian Mauriks



Painted epoxy resin

Height: 380 cm

Some connections turn out to be sound, as in music.
Some things can be said, as with poetry.
Some things can only be made.

Compilation, a collection of things made.
The sculpture is something, a thing in itself.
Not just one thing , , , but many.

Made is not the same as said or sound and movement.
Evocative and resonant the forms are powerfully still and quiet.

Their presence soothing, , , epiphanic.
Absorbing this atmosphere again reminds us of the source.
In the mind where it began.

Adrian Mauriks

Compilation 2003 was purchased in 2007 for the collection of the Deakin University Art collection at the Toorak campus.

The sculpture was previously shown at the inaugural McClelland Survey and Award exhibition in 2003 at the McClelland Gallery.

Compilation was subsequently invited by the director of the Shanghai Art Fair to travel to Shanghai for that exhibition and was installed in an eminent position in the Art Fair buildings and was well received in Shanghai.

We loaned the sculpture to the Deakin University for a year or so and were invited to have an exhibition at the Icon Gallery at the Toorak campus. At the opening of the exhibition in August 2007 the purchase of the work was announced.