Sculpture by Adrian Mauriks

Construct II


Painted epoxy resin and steel

Height: 450 cm

Some information to consider

"There is but one truly philosophical problem, that is suicide".

From "The Myth of Sisyphus" by Albert Camus.

The biggest influence on my art is my death. Death is the thing that really makes you do things. There is certain urgency about it. Not the fear of it but the notion of it.

Events inform content. Content by implication, constructs. Art evaluates "being there", linking events at the edge to living the silence of our personal space. Some constructs are strange and unfamiliar. The work contains elements of the known and the abstract; the relationship between the pieces is intriguing but unknowable. Components relate to other components by the presence of being there but no amount of dialogue will explain what is there.

Every piece is of its time, as it was made. The timeframe of the making is essential to the work, content is dictated by it. The artist's vision of an inviolate figure in a difficult world, exploring the twilight.

My world-view has been informed and infused with many links and connections. A Buddhist frame of reference, the aboriginal position of "being in the landscape" as well as an observation made by Princeton physicist John Wheeler who put forward the idea that "meaning itself powers creation". However his key insight that living and thinking creatures are, at least in some manner, vital participants in the inconceivably vast process of cosmic evolution.

Adrian Mauriks, September 2005

Photographed at The Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award 2006 at the Werribee Mansion near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.