Write-ups and Critiques

Published write-ups and critiques of Adrian's work by highly regarded art journalists and critic's

A Sculptural Journey

by Ken Scarlett OAM, 2011

Introduction to Adrian Mauriks' 2007, Installations, Images in the Mirror

by Victor Griss, 2007

First Docklands artwork not to be missed

by Megan Backhouse, 2001

One Year On

by Sian E. Jay, 2001

Asian influences in Australian sculpture

by Rachel Jacques, 2001

Now here's a thing...

byPyo, 1996

Opus 10

by Marie Geissler, 1995

The Opus Series

by Richard Wells, 1994

The ever-changing landscape scene

by Christopher Heathcote, 1994

Touched by casts of thousands

by Elwyn Lynn, 1994

The Second Landing, Dutch migrant artists in Australia

by Hendrik Kolenberg, 1993

Shifting from metaphysical to the pysical

by Christopher Heathcote, 1993

Aspiration an inspiration for judges

The Australian, Febuary 1992

Phenomenon of untrained artist

by Gary Catalano, 1989

Adrian Mauriks

Artlink, Volume 9, Number 2, 1989

The presence and power of the totem

by Elwyn Lynn, 1988

Bird Totem - Adrian Mauriks

by Ann Lumley, 1988

Raw bronze bird puzzles passers-by

by John Stapleton, 1988

Artists in the shadow of the great

by Susanna Short, 1988

A sculptor under wraps

by Bronwyn Watson, 1988

Variations on a Theme of Felt and Fat

by Elwyn Lynn, 1986

A search for art's human side

by John McDonald, 1986

The Sculpture of Adrian Mauriks

by Graeme Sturgeon, 1986

Adrian Mauriks : sculptor

by Pamela King, 1986

The shape of art to come

by John McDonald, 1986

Australian Sculpture Now, Second Australian Sculpture Triennial, 1984

by Graeme Sturgeon


by Lynette Shananhan, 1984

Mouthpiece has the message

by Neville Watson, 1981

Sculpture Exhibition Opens at Gallery

Northeast Ensign, 15 April 1980

Man in a metal mask

by Graeme Sturgeon, 1979

Fair style is in the making

by Sally White, 1978

Sculptors can still expand...

by Rod Carmichael, 1978

One Martyr, Many Views

by Nancy Borlase, 1978

Sculpture with real meaning

by Mary Eagle, 1978

Films lend patterns to painting

by Mary Eagle, circa 1977

Public Monuments

by Allan McCullough, 1975

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